MRT derailed in Pasay City – At least 8 hurt in the crash

Photo by: Ryan Greatuno |

A photo showed the train (Body 003-B) crashing through the wall of the station.

Photo by: Jewel garnet |

One of the passengers of the MRT train said many passengers began to feel something was wrong when they saw a spark while the train was passing the Magallanes station in Makati. In was reported that some passengers indicated many of the passengers wanted to get off the train before the crash but were not allowed to do so.

Photo by: Christian Reasonda |

Passengers hurt in the accident have reportedly been rushed to the San Juan De Dios Hospital and the Pasay City General Hospital. Commuters have been advised to avoid the area. “Derailed MRT train at Pasay-Taft Station. MMDA Rescue and enforcers on location. Expect heavy traffic,” MMDA said via Twitter.


Photo by: Mrs. Rhemey Martinez |

It appears that either nobody pressed the emergency button or the button did not work. What’s new in the Philippines?


Photo by: Iyane Escarpe | |
Photo by: Kim Yumol |



8 hurt as MRT coach crashes through station wall in Pasay City
August 13, 2014 3:45pm

EXPECT HEAVY TRAFFIC! | MRT 3 derails at Taft Avenue Station – MMDA
August 13, 2014 4:25 PM–mrt-3-derails-at-taft-avenue-station—mmda

MRT train crashes into barrier at Taft Station
By Kim Arveen Patria | 4:43pm US EST August 13, 2014



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